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Vincent Forni
My name is Vincent Forni, aka Vince, aka Italian Stallion, I'm in the 11th grade graduating year of 2020.  I like to be very active, I enjoy working out and whenever I have the chance, to play sports with friends. I love to write music anytime I have anything on my mind that I'd like to share with others or turn it into something great. I don't really have anything planned for career goals yet but things that really interest me is a cop, the human body for example anatomy, which could fall into doctor category, and music.  I really like cats and I like mma, I don't do it, but like watching it and would actually be up to it. I teach my self some cool kicks and things like boxing, karate, wrestling, etc.


I've always enjoyed writing and english class ever since I was little for some reason, I don't know why. It may be some sort of way to bring out my creativity and imagination in some way. I think journalism is very important because it is reporting real news, updates, trends, peoples opinions on things, etc. Journalism portrays nothing but the truth and it is the journalists job to do that, which is a very big and important job.


Contact me at [email protected]



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