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Sam Bell
Sam Bell is a junior at Triton. Yay, or something. He works at the Frisky Dog and TWS. He also kind of likes photography, videography, reading, writing, painting, drawing and other boring artsy things that you probably don't care about. His main goals in life, generally, to stay alive, go to a fairly decent college that won't give him crippling debt into his forties, and own a dog of some sort before he's 30ish (hopefully a corgi mutt). And if that doesn't work out he'd be fine with being a hermit in the Amazon or Tibet. He's open to either option at this point. He also really likes Arnold Palmer and the Office (he liked it before it was cool). If for some reason (and I have no idea WHY you would) want to contact him, his email is [email protected]

Sam Bell, Staff Writer

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