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Michael Fish
My name is Michael Fish, a senior at Triton High School and a staff writer for the Triton Voice. I am interested in writing about stories that will help the student body and inform them of changes in the school throughout the year.

A lot of my free time is spent at David's Fish Market, my part-time job that I work four days a week after school. In the rest of my free time, you could find me playing video games, taking care of my various pet amphibians, and visiting my girlfriend at UNH. In the future, I hope to be involved in the Environmental Science and attend either UNH or UNE.

I enjoy writing for the Triton Voice because it is a completely different experience from any other English class I have taken, and it is an interesting new experience. I think Journalism is important because it teaches different skills than any other English class, and gives students new skills that they would be able to use later in life, such as communications with people you are not extremely familiar with. It also helps to keep the student body informed of new and important changes to the school, as well as other general knowledge of the school.

There is only one thing I need at the end of a long day of work and school; to come home and see my frogs happy and well, ready for me to turn their lights off. I also enjoy shooting aliens in Destiny 2, and racing people in Need For Speed: Payback.

Michael Fish, Staff Writer

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