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Julia Boyle
Why hello! Thanks for visiting my page. I, Julia Boyle, am a 17-year-old junior who writes for the Triton High school newspaper. I live in Rowley, Massachusetts, and have a steady, well paying job dog sitting for my neighbor. I love art and design, as well as playing soccer and piano. I also hope to travel when I'm older because I literally never leave New England. Growing up, I've always loved to write whatever I felt like writing about. Journalism class is important because it allows you to do exactly that, instead of writing a 5 paragraph essay on a book that you read half of on spark notes. Last, and probably least, that I guess I will let you know about me, is that the only ice cream flavor I will ever order is grapenut. It never disappoints. And well, that's the tea, sis.

Julia Boyle, Staff Writer

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