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Connor Beevers
My name's Connor Beevers, or Beevs to my friends. I am graduating the year 2019. I really enjoy writing about sports, only sports. Not physical activities like hiking or chess, I'm talking about full on head-to-head contact sports. I really like to play video games, as well as manage field hockey. Oh BTW I'm a field hockey manager. In my free time I like to sit in my basement alone and spend my entire day playing NBA, and watching  Netflix. I currently am working at the Deck, a restaurant in Salisbury.

After I graduate I plan on going to college to earn an engineering degree, and move on to become successful in my practice, so that hopefully, one day, I may return to journalism and relive my senior days in high school. I enjoy writing for the paper so much because it lets me teach people stuff they don't know about. I get the satisfaction of knowing I am giving somebody a voice they previously never had, and that voice is mine.

I WEIRDLY love eating corn bread, and I used to have a pet chicken named Walace, he died when my mom overcooked our dinner one night, from totally unrelated causes. I have a dog named Layla that could potentially be the reincarnation of the devil. We tried getting an exorcism and it did nothing, so I'm not too sure what's up with that. Two of these statements are true but one is a lie, I'll let you decide which is which(The lie is the first one).

If you need to reach me you can contact me on my school email address [email protected]

Connor Beevers, Staff Writer

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