Covid-19 vs. Triton Sports

Triton’s sports programs have been affected by covid and our athletes couldn’t be more upset. Especially our seniors at Triton High School, who are missing out or not having the same experience as previous seniors for their last season of their high school career. Even though our football players will be competing in the fall, they’re struggles are recognized, as they missed out on traditions, struggle with conflicted schedules, and workout schedules have been changed. 

 Captain of the Triton football team Hayden Delisi said in an interview, “Even though I’m still able to play football in the spring, it doesn’t feel the same.” Sports like football and wrestling have been pushed back because of covid and are now making the players miss what they once had. Delisi also stated, “I missed out on our thanksgiving game which was a bummer but at least we get to play in the spring.” Even though the players are able to play at later dates, they are missing out on traditions in the sport itself. 

A lot of players are upset with their setbacks in their season. Senior Kyle Scibetta who plays on the Triton Football team, explained his grief about the football season. “I missed out on the fall and I worked hard to stay in shape for the season. I have had to delay my training so I don’t get burnt out.” Athletes not just at Triton but all around the world have a set training schedule, and covid has affected them and could affect their performance or their health. 

In an interview with the athletic director at Triton High School Tim Alberts, he expressed his frustrations and sadness towards the athletes. He stated in his interview, “ I feel for the players, not being able to practice with your friends everyday is tough.” Less practice has made our teams a little more on the unprepared side. Alberts also expressed his gratitude for the athletes and parents. He stated, “The players, families, and coaches have been very flexible when it comes to our schedules and needing to postpone or move a game.” With games being postponed or canceled, frustration must be setting in with our athletes, but it’s good to hear there haven’t been many complaints. 

The pandemic has been tough for everybody, and the sports are no exception. It is very tough for our athletes to adapt to new covid rules, little fans, and a changed schedule.