Pediatric Concerns Amidst Pandemic

Triton District parents and students are hesitant about visiting the doctor during the pandemic.

Currently 397,000 people in Massachusetts are infected with the virus all too well known now, COVID-19. In the midst of a pandemic infecting over 5% of state residents, is it safe for children to be visiting their pediatric offices?

Many people have been hesitant about going places due to the virus. During COVID-19 there has been a steep decline in the news about Children’s health. Are people hesitant about visiting the pediatric, orthopedic, and/or doctor’s office? The Triton Voice spoke with Massachusetts healthcare workers and parents to gather their thoughts.


All the parents The Triton Voice spoke too, had had their children up to date on physical checkups and vaccinations. Although everyone stated they felt safe, there was hesitation in multiple of these responses, and visiting in-person. 


One mother, Jess Bailey, had to deal with her son breaking his wrist during November. Usually, she would’ve gone to get it checked out right away. Instead, she held off going to the orthopedic office for a day in order to make sure it would be safe. The next day she went for her appointment and was in and out in a flash. This is just one example of hesitation to visit the office. 

Another Massachusetts mother has also had uncertainty about visiting a doc

tor. Kristen Reily felt safe when taking her son to his physical in July. However, when it was time to get the flu vaccination she

 opted to visit a clinic at CVS, rather than go into the pediatric office. 

After speaking with a registered nurse in a Massachusetts TCU* it was clear that she believed people should be hesitant about pediatric visits. Registered Nurse Rachel Coco stated, “I’d only go if absolutely needed.”

Her recommendation: “People should utilize the triage nurse line that most pediatric offices have. Call if your child has an issue, and they’ll tell you if you should come in or not.” People should follow health guidelines and practice social distancing.  

*Transfer Care Unit