“Pokemon go” To The Poles

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly going to run for president for a 2nd time in 2024 if he wins he would be the 2nd in American history to serve  2 terms not back to back. The first was  Stephen Grover Cleveland. Cleveland  was an American lawyer and politician who served as the 22nd and 24th president of the United States from 1885 to 1889 and from 1893 to 1897. 

But what would happen if Trump came back?

The Triton Voice interviewed We talked to debate coach and teacher Joseph Galante. First we asked him if  he liked trump. As a teacher he doesn’t have any polarizing political opinions but he did say he doesn’t like rules, he doesn’t like having a lot of rules, “i’m a big boy…” we also asked him how he felt about Trump running in 2024.“Good for him, free country, he should be allowed to do what he wants” . Trump is also a big boy. “As a person, he speaks what’s on his mind without fear of repercussions. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing that’s for the reader to decide”. If Trump won I think things would be better for me in the lower class, he said. We also asked him if he thinks Biden will run again. Gelante doesnt think Biden knows what that means.  Hes fearful for his health, Gelante said Biden has had health concerns for 8 years now. Since Galante is the head of the debate club we asked if this would make a good debate topic. He said, I don’t think the kids in the debate club would have differing opinions,”a one sided debate”

We also talked to Joshua Noble. When it comes to politics he doesn’t trust politicians “they all have their hands in the till,.” Noble said. No matter what side they are on, they only take care of the special interests that fund their campaigns, Noble said. His opinion on Trump himself is that his persona/ ego wasn’t fitting for a political leader. “he needs to shut his mouth.”  He thinks the nation’s opinions on him are too divided and extreme. Whether he liked Trump or how he would feel if he won again, Mr. Noble hopes that he does not run and that the next leader can help the country be  less divided and improve the economy. 

We also got to talk to Nicholas Doucot, he was hesitant at first, politics are a tough topic to talk about because people tend to be pretty divided over it. But he agreed to answer some questions for us. When asked how he feels about government he said he believes order is good for a society but our government and really all governments tend to make questionable decisions. We asked if he personally likes Trump. He said “I respect how he speaks his mind but he doesn’t want to compromise with the people he works with.” “and people say he’s a different type of politician because he’s never been in government or the military before,  but rich business men are just as sneaky as career politicians…” “Both come from a place of power, power corrupts people” .